The Process

This is the very first step in our harvest process. These carrots are harvested by a top pull method.


Carrots are harvested by our field crew.


While harvesting the carrots they are loaded into trailers in the field and will then be delivered to our packing plant in Pain Court.


After the trailer arrives at the packing plant, the carrots are dumped into our pit for their first wash.


Once the carrots come up the conveyor from the pit, they move down different conveyors depending on their size. The carrots are then graded at various stations to remove broken pieces or any carrot that does not meet our retail specification.


Our Cello carrots are Hydro Cooled and go through a second grading line.


We have Quality Control stations where carrots are inspected and weights are checked.


Our 1lb, 2lb , 3lb and 5lb bags, are then placed into Master Bags.


After carrots are placed into Master Bags, they are placed into our 10,000sqft cooler and are now ready to be shipped to our customers.



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